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Stephen Freeman -Finescale Model Railway  Trackwork and SIGNALS

This is the first, in what will hopefully be a series of brass etchings to produce a hollow tapered square signal post to facilitate the provision of wiring for working signal lamps.

The price reflects the cost of the etching to me plus a very small percentage to cover my time etc.

7mm, 4mm and 2mm Scale

To start with I have some 2 part etches made for 20ft and 30 foot(Approx) tapered square signal posts.

UK Post Free (Overseas please enquire).

I can usually also supply most Wizard (Model Signal Engineering) Signal etches and casts to order, at the same prices as Wizard, so you can save on postage if you want to use my posts. I usually have both 20 ft and 30ft in stock. The etches can be supplied ready folded at no extra cost.

The post comes in 2 parts, which need to be soldered together. The etched tags help with alignment so don’t remove them all until after being made.

I perched a Modelu finial on top to give an indication of size. The post shown is a 20ft one.

If you’d like a post ready made, please contact me for details