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Stephen Freeman -Finescale Model Railway  Trackwork and SIGNALS

I have now completed the design for a Saxby & Farmer 19ft  bracket in 4mm scale.

These were widely used throughout the UK and especially on the Southern Railway. Similar Brackets were used at Seaton Junction, Wadebridge and Halwill Junction to name but a few.

Those wanting a shorter bracket should go to Wizard Models and search for S0021. I would have used it myself but it was not big enough. Price is £3.00 UK Post paid.

I have included (but not shown) an etch for the bottom of the Bracket, which might not be 100% accurate, nevertheless gives a good impression, well I think so anyway.

Etched Brass Model Railway Signal Brackets

Signal based on Seaton Junction using the etches detailed below, together with parts from Wizard Models Ltd and Alan Gibson(Workshop).

7mm version available to special order -please enquire

The brackets suitable for Seaton Junction up bracket starter are also available to special order, as is the main post and 30ft Stevens lattice posts plus aspect blinkers and tall ladders (in 7mm scale)