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Bespoke Signals

The availability of these is quite good at the moment, just takes as long as it takes to build them providing I have all the parts in stock, which isn’t too long as I do this full-time.


At the moment a single arm, single post, 7mm scale with working light and fitted servo signal is £108.00, in 4mm the same signal is £68.00.

I am not intending to alter my prices until at least the end of 2022.

However given the increase in the cost living/inflation, who knows.


As with signals, there are no price increases planned for the rest of 2022.

Please note:

For those looking for curved turnouts, you should bear in mind that the length of the turnout increases as the difference in radii of the two paths decreases.

Mobile Users Notice

Please note I am working on a more mobile-friendly site at the moment but it may take some time.

*********************JUNE SPECIAL OFFER****************

 For the rest of this month I am offering 7mm scale B6 Turnouts at a special price of £65.00 UK post paid

Please contact me to order

My choice of either C&L or Exactoscale chairs,

Your choice of 3 or 2 bolt chairs on either PECO timbers or plywood

Your choice of rail PECO, HiNi or Steel and standards S7, 0MF OF etc

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